Friday, September 30, 2011

Slow Cookin'

Well, I bought a crock-pot today.  I've been seeing slow-cooker recipes lately and figured I would give it a go.  I have a little time in the morning to get things done before I leave for work at 9:40 am and a little more energy than when I get home in the evening around 6:15 pm.  By the time I let the dogs out and feed them and then scrounge around in the cupboard and stare blankly into the fridge, trying to decide what I want to make, it is usually almost 7 pm before I start dinner.  And I get hungry for dinner (or supper, like they say out here) around 4:30 pm.  As I write this I am ravenously licking the creams out of oreo cookies at my desk at the library.  So how amazing will it be to throw some things into the slow-cooker in the morning before work and then come home and have dinner all ready for me?  I'm hoping it's going to be magically stress-reducing and delicious.  Or I'll catch my house on fire. Can that happen?  The slow-cooker book I got at the library said it wouldn't, but I have an old house and the electrical wiring is a little wonky...I'll let you know either way.

P.S. I got my best-ever bowling score last night: 111!  (Still lame compared to all the people on the other teams...but exciting for me!)

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