Friday, September 9, 2011

Sleeping in?

I guess it's about time I get used to these farm mornings and resign myself to the fact that my chances of sleeping in out here are slim.  Fridays are supposed to be my days to sleep in a little, clean the house, and go to the grocery store (a trip that takes a couple hours out here) before going in to work at the library at 2 pm.  This morning is the kind of morning where I like to stay in bed a little longer: grey and rainy.  Instead, Joey and I were jolted from sleep at 5:30 this morning to a fire call on the radio for a grain silo fire.  Joey bolted out of bed, found some clothes and dashed out the door while I groggily said, "Bye, be careful."  I then tossed and turned for another hour and a half until Joey called me at 7 am and I couldn't understand if my phone was ringing or my alarm was going off.  Because he went straight from the fire to work in the fields, he didn't have a lunch, and wanted to know if I could bring him one around noon.  He also told me that the trash wasn't out on the curb and since I know the trash guy comes pretty early Friday mornings, I peeled myself out of bed to drag the heavy trash can down to the curb in my pjs and slippers, with Jip jumping up and biting my pants drawstrings with every step I took.  After I finally coaxed Jip inside, I cleaned up all the mess he had left me on the kitchen floor overnight and then took another bag of garbage out with Jip at my heels.  I gave Jip a bowl of dog food and tried to sneak back under the covers but then all I could think about is how he often goes to the bathroom about 5 minutes after he eats.  So I got back up and let him out and Daisy went out too and ran across the street, and Jip followed.  After yelling and whistling and coaxing the dogs back into the house, I gave Daisy some food, and told Jip to go back to bed.  I walked into my room to the sound of my alarm clock going off at 7:45.  No wonder I'm late to work everyday if it takes 45 minutes just to let the dogs out, wrangle them back inside (more like chase them around in my pajamas, yelling their names while they choose to ignore me), clean up pee, feed both of them, and take them out two more times...  And the sheep are baaing for food and the laundry on the line got rained on.  No wonder I'm not a morning person.

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