Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tomatoes and Peppers

Despite a lack of rain in this area, my garden has still managed to produce a few tomatoes and peppers (without much help or watering from me, I hate to admit).  Here' s what I was able to pick last night.  And yes, that is the extent of my counter-space in my little surfaces to work on except the kitchen table.  I am often walking with one ingredient across the kitchen, dropping it in the mixer, then walking back to check the recipe...baking in my kitchen is a work-out!

Does anyone else suffer from a kitchen with a severe lack of working space?  Or one that has a door (or two) or a window on all four walls, like mine?  Or a dog that chewed on the cabinets?  Or a garden that hasn't been watered in a while...?


  1. or tumbleweeds of dog hair and daily rainfalls of slobber on your just keeps getting better. It is a good thing we love our dogs.

  2. My garden is also suffering from a lot of neglect right now. As a result, I'm not getting many peppers, but the tomato plants keep on giving and the basil is outta control and I need to make pesto for the 3rd time this summer. (poor me!)

  3. Counter space! I also suffer from a severe lack of this. Apartment life is rough. As far as dogs with a taste for wood... my little shiba is a big fan! She also enjoys expensive plastic items (read: PS3 controllers, DirecTV controllers, phones...) So I empathize. On the other hand, when I don't water my plants they always die :-/