Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sorry folks

Sorry for the lack of posts this week... Wish I could say I was up to something fun, but I wasn't.  Just got caught up in work, a dirty house, and the puppy having intestinal worms (no wonder he's been so crazed about food lately.)  The usual.  I'm so glad I don't open the library until 2 pm on Fridays because I need to play some serious catch-up.  Another wedding this weekend and we're staying overnight at a Bed and Breakfast so we have to find someone to let the dogs out a few times while we're gone.  Hopefully our neighbors are available because it seems like everyone else in our little town is going to the wedding.

I don't think I've ever stayed in a B&B before but it was cheaper and (hopefully) a quainter option than the Holiday Inn Express, and I'm feeling cheap and in need of some old-fashioned quaintness right now.  So hopefully it will fit the bill.  And hopefully no one at the outdoor wedding will melt in the 100 degree heat.  Myself included.  Last time I went to a summer wedding without air-conditioning, I threw up.  I was only 8 and I was the flower girl.  It was the only time I was in a wedding except for my own.  At least I waited until after the ceremony and reception and threw up in the my parent's car on the way home.  (Thanks Mom and Dad for all the puke you put up with when I was little.)

So anyway...between the intestinal worms and the throw-up this has been a pretty gross post.  Sorry for that too.  Hopefully my next post will include a charming B&B and a beautiful outdoor wedding with our new friends from our new hometown.

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