Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

Ack, I hate mornings that start off with your husband waking you from a peaceful sleep to ask you where his belt is (how should I know?!), then find you running after the dog in your pajamas when she barks viciously and chases a man walking down the street (sorry mister!), and ends with you locking your car keys and your spare house key inside the house as you're trying to leave for work.

Somewhere in between all that I hung sopping wet laundry on the line.  For some reason, the spin cycle didn't kick in or something because the laundry was sitting in a puddle of water in the washing machine and was dripping wet when I put it all in the laundry basket to lug up the basement stairs and across the lawn...and it was heavy!  Let's just cross our fingers the washing machine isn't on it's way in joining the dryer in the ever-after of home appliances.

As I was hanging the soggy laundry, the backyard exploded in a chorus of curious barnyard animals.  The sheep ran up to the fence and Baaaaa'ed for some corn, the calf loudly Mooooo'ed for some calf feed and attention, the neighbor's dog barked at Jip, and even from across the yard, Georgia the chicken joined in with her curious "Whaaaaat?"  How strange that a couple nights ago I was trying to fall asleep at my parents' house in the city when some neighbor had an extremely loud band at their birthday party and woke up the next morning to the sound of car doors slamming on our street from people going to some kind of triathlon or whatever kind of event or parade it is every weekend in the downtown where they live.  The animals are loud and a little demanding, but I'd rather listen to them than the sounds of suburbia.

Today, my morning was loud, frustrating, embarrassing, and a little soggy.  But I'm thankful to be here in the country, taking care of loud, misbehaving animals with selective listening (I'm talking about you, Daisy).  I'm just glad I had an extra pair of car keys in my purse, otherwise I would have been even more pitiful when I dumped all the contents of my purse in the front lawn, desperately searching for my keys, even though I knew they were just beyond the locked door on the counter.  That's the bad thing about living in a new town where you don't know anyone who could drive you to work and your husband works an hour away.  And its my fault that the spare key was left inside the house.

I had to buy myself a hot chocolate at the gas station before opening the library, just to make myself feel better about my crazy morning.  

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