Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A letter to the puppy

Dearest Jip,

Mommy cannot afford to buy you dog food if you continue to destroy her clothes.  In the future, please refrain from jumping up and sinking your little puppy teeth into her shirts and pants, leaving behind gaping holes.  You have already ruined your fourth shirt in as many days.  Also, please stop pulling Mommy's underwear out of the laundry basket and hiding them under the couch.  All cooperation in your part would be greatly appreciated and possibly rewarded with extra hugs and squeezes on the couch.  Only if you promise not to bite Mommy's face.

Lots of love,

Your Human Mommy

P.S. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do with brand-new t-shirts with holes in them?


  1. "But I'm so innocent," says Jip!

    I definitely here you there- while Frankie doesn't bite holes in clothes, I don't call him the "panty bandit" for no reason!

    p.s. holey shirts make for good cleaning rags!

  2. I don't miss the jump+bite into my clothes days... not a whole lot to be done until he grows out of it :-( but you know, the "destroyed" look is very in right now so you're probably okay.

    And as far as the panty thing, no hope there, I've got two girl pups and they both steal mine :-/

    But they're so cute we forgive them anything.