Thursday, August 11, 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose

Pictures from our field this morning:



Don't freak out Mom, Dad, and next-door neighbors!  This little heifer isn't ours- she belongs to the guy who rented our other field for corn.  He bought her to raise as a show calf but doesn't have anywhere to put her until he builds fences.  So of course, we opened our doors (or should we say pasture?) to her.  In return for keeping her on our little farm, the guy has promised to bring his tractor over to help Joey clean manure out of the barn and will mow down the field in the fall.  After the corn has been harvested, we are going to ask our neighbor if we can borrow his manure-spreader to put the fertilizer on the acre field.  Next year, we are either going to put in sweet corn and pumpkins for the farmer's market or rent it out again for corn.  

So for now, the ewes have a new friend.  Hopefully, she can help them keep the field mowed down as well as fertilize it for next year.  The sheep are not too sure about her yet.  I think she is really happy to be on pasture though.  The guy who owns her told us that she had been sharing a pen with a pig.  Now she is happily kicking up her heels and running around the field, scattering the sheep and letting out an occasional little "mooo."  Joey told me last night that the next-door neighbors said that they enjoy sitting in their yard and watching "sheep TV."  Now they can watch sheep and calf TV from the comfort of their hammock.  Don't you wish you were our neighbors?


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  1. Uh, YEAH, I wish I could watch "Sheep TV!"