Thursday, June 23, 2011

PJ Pants and Rain Boots

Here's a snapshot of my morning:
I got up around 8 am to take the puppy out to the backyard...
I checked out how things are growing in the garden while Jip did his business.  Everything is growing like crazy...we have more lettuce than we can eat and the zucchini and cucumbers are expanding their territory by the second. 
Then I relaxed in one of our new Adirondack chairs (thanks for picking these off the curb, Dad!) and enjoyed the cool breeze and tried to ignore the puppy biting my ankles and getting his teeth stuck in my pajama pants. (By the way, if you're trying to imagine the whole picture, I was wearing pink cupcake pants tucked into cow-print rubber boots.  I'm sure my neighbors probably get a kick out of my morning attire - at least the sheep, chickens, and dogs don't seem to mind.) 

 It's probably part of his herding instinct, but Jip can't resist latching his little teeth onto moving legs.  If you're wearing jeans, you can walk around with his little body still attached at your ankle while he determinedly hangs on and growls like you are a giant rubber steak dog toy.  It's kinda like when the annoying kids you babysat for climbed onto your ankles while you are hastily trying to get out the door and assuring the mother that they didn't misbehave once...
Then I fed the chickens the tops I cut off all the strawberries I used to make jam.  I made 14 half-pint jars of strawberry jam between last Sunday and last night.  Yum.  And the chickens were happy too.  
On the way back to the house, I noticed some of my peas are starting to come in. The only problem is that I can't remember which row I planted with snap peas and which was shell peas...
By that time, Jip was waiting by the back door, ready to go inside and terrorize Daisy some more.  (Don't let that innocent face fool you.)

So, here's another pitch to come and visit us: you can wake up to a rooster crowing and enjoy the fresh country air, sit back and watch the sheep or the zucchini growing, feed strawberries to the chickens, eat homemade jam on toast, and get a furry new ankle accessory.  Sound nice, doesn't it?  As previously mentioned, all accommodations can be paid for with dish-washing services.  See you soon!

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