Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, I'm still on the library computer but- good news!  The Apple Store just called and said my computer was ready to be picked up, annnd best of all: I didn't lose any data!!!  Deep sigh of relief.  This was after a stressful trip to the store on Saturday where they couldn't figure out what was wrong and had to send it out for $280.  Ouch.  And, they said I might lose my data if it wasn't backed up (which of course, it wasn't.)  So I had to buy an external hard drive for them to transfer my data to (another $130.)  Stressed out face...It didn't help that there was approximately 120 people in the store at the time...which was a little overwhelming for a girl who sits in a quiet library all day.  Also, I think that's about 1/5 of the population of my little town...weird.

So my computer is fixed, but it is still 4 hours away in my hometown, so I have to wait until next weekend when I go home to get it.  So I may not be up to my regular posting.  But don't be sad...I have more good news!

Our little farm family has a new addition.  On Monday, we went to a farm about an hour away and got a six-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy!  We are hoping to raise him to help herd the sheep.  Both of his parents herd cattle on the farm where they live so we're hoping he'll catch on to sheep.  Also, I grew up with an Australian Shepherd and she was the best dog ever. (Aren't all childhood dogs?) We just went to the farm "to look."  And came home with him.  Oops.  I'm pretty sure that 99% of the time someone goes "just to look" at a puppy, they bring it home.  I mean, who can resist a puppy?  You take one look at it and forget about all the work it takes to raise it.  All you want to do is snuggle it into your face.  It probably didn't help that he has the exact same coloring as my old dog, Pebbles.  He's what I imagine she looked like as a puppy.

So get ready for lots of pictures and stories of our newest addition, Jip!  (His name came from my favorite James Herriot story, Only One Woof.)

Oh yeah, Daisy is terrified of him.

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