Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dog Tired

Now that we have two dogs, it seems to be my destiny to never get to work on time again.  It feels like the minute they can sense that I'm trying to get ready for work or get out the door, the mischief begins.  Between the perpetual and persistent ankle-biter, the cranky big sister dog, and the business of in and out and in and out to suit everyone's bathroom needs, it's amazing that I even have time to brush my teeth before heading to the library.  This morning, it was out in the yard 3 times, follow me to the mailbox, don't eat each other's food, where's the puppy, get out of the garden, come in and eat, stop biting me!  And just when I had thrown some food into my bag (an apple and a jar of peanut butter), found my cell phone on top of the stove, and tried to coax Daisy inside with a treat, something went terribly wrong.  I couldn't get Daisy in the house because she was having way too much fun out in the corn field, rolling in something so despicable, so indescribably foul, my eyes started watering and I almost lost my Rice Krispies.  She ran inside the house, bringing the stench with her.  And then I almost had a mini-meltdown.  I held my breath, put her on a leash and got her outside to spray her with the hose.  And the smell would not go away.  It was burned into my nostrils.  I let her shake off and then rubbed her down with a towel and tried to get her to go to her bed (she didn't mind the smell one bit) and instead went under our bed.  By this point it was 9:55 and the library is supposed to open at 10.  So the library opened at 10:10 and my house is probably going to reek when I get home.

I need a vacation.  Can't wait to spend more than 12 hours in the car with those dogs tomorrow.  

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