Monday, June 6, 2011

Computer Woes

Yesterday morning, I was woken up by Joey asking me why my computer wouldn't turn on.  What?!  I jumped out of bed to find my poor little macbook, completely lifeless and unresponsive to any attempts to bring it back to life.  I don't know what happened.  We had a lightening storm in the night but it was plugged into a surge protector and nothing else that was plugged in was harmed.  I blame the goblins.  The night before, Joey and I were surfing YouTube, spending our Saturday night watching clips of worst movie acting and worst movies ever made when we came across a clip from a movie called "Troll 2."  It was so bad, it was hilarious.  And surprisingly, it was on Netflix.  So we watched it.  Basically, it's a film made in 1986 about a family that goes on vacation to the country to a small town called Nilbog (anyone notice that's goblin spelled backwards?)  The little boy keeps seeing his dead Grandpa who warns him that the goblins want to eat him and his family.  First, the goblins make you eat food that looks like green frosting, then you start turning into green goop and the goblins eat you.  The actors, dialogue and special effects were so bad.  And the worst part was that it was called "Troll 2" and there weren't even any trolls.  Playing that movie was the last thing the computer did.  I don't know what is wrong with the computer, it is only two years old.  Hopefully, it can be fixed, because all of our photos are on it and I can't really buy a new computer.  So we'll see.  I am going to take it to the Apple store when I am back home this weekend.  Until then, my posts will be from the library computer.  I'll just tell the people at the Apple store that goblins got my computer. :(

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