Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Summer Days

Well, I ate chocolate from the world's best chocolate shop, picked up my computer, and shared the new puppy with the family this weekend.  I also had the largest omelet I have ever seen at breakfast with my aunt and grandparents (there had to be at least 8 eggs in that thing!), ate ice cream with my friend Jordan, had more ice cream at the Dairy Joy (our favorite little ice cream and soda fountain out in the country), and went to the farmer's market with my mom.  It was a very short, but very full and fun weekend at home.  And at the last minute, Joey's sister Marta decided to come back to our little farm with me.  It was nice to have someone in the car with me for the four hour drive and the puppy slept the whole way home.

Joey and I were both at work all day yesterday so Marta had the house and the dogs to herself.  When we got home from work we picked up pizzas from the little store in town and watched a movie.  I left my toiletry bag at my parents and wanted to buy another toothbrush while we picked up the pizzas.  No luck.  So don't forget to pack your toothbrush if you come to visit us, they don't sell them in this town.  They did have toothpaste though. I had to drive Marta the 25 minutes to the train station this morning to catch a 7 am train back to the city, and we barely made it.  My car pulled into the station at the same time the train pulled in.  She jumped out of my car and onto the platform.  Although 6 am is a lot earlier than I usually wake up, I was able to buy two new toothbrushes at the Wal-Mart in town as well as a few things for our 4th of July vacation.

I'm counting the days, hours, and minutes until we get to our cabin on Madeline Island on Lake Superior.  My family has spent the last 14 summers on the island and even more time since my parents bought property up there in 2005.  We have a little cabin, a couple acres of woods, a private beach, and lots of kayaks, canoes, and bicycles.  The fourth of July parade and fireworks are amazing, especially considering that there are only a couple hundred full-time residents on the island.  Last year we found out the drive is about 12 hours from our new house.  Not so fun.  It's about 8 hours from my parents' house (if you're like my dad and only stop for gas and bathrooms, or longer if you're my mom and like to stop at antique malls)  We've all talked about moving to Southern Wisconsin just to make the trip shorter.  We love it up there that much.  So I'll be busy the next few days getting ready for the trip.  Joey and I are leaving Friday after work and driving as far as we can and sleeping in the car with the dogs (I'll let you know how that goes...) and then driving the rest of the way to the ferry on Saturday morning.

Do you have any fun plans for the fourth?  Any special things you have to do or see every year?

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