Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day!  I love my mom so much.  Right now she is in Connecticut with my aunt, going to a flea market they've always dreamed of going to, and checking something off their "bucket lists."  That's the best part about my mom.  She'll gladly hop on a plane to the East Coast at the last minute or get in the car and drive the 8 hours to our lake house.  She doesn't shy away from adventure, last minute plans, or just plain having fun every once in a while.  She has always encouraged me to go for my dreams, take chances, travel the world and live my life to the fullest.  Both of my parents have given me so much, but the most important thing that they have given me is the courage to trust in myself and believe that anything is possible.  So Mom, thanks for being my girl scout leader, teaching me how to make chocolate chip cookies, and letting me stay home "sick" from school. You gave me the best childhood I can think of.  Now, you are my best friend, and I know that you and Dad are still my biggest supporters.  I guess all I can say is Love You!

Happy Mother's Day from my lamb babies!

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