Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sold to the highest bidder

Ok, so back to this last weekend.  My family (mom, dad, sister Maddy, and dog Prinny) came for the weekend to visit and go to an auction on Saturday.  They arrived late Friday night and immediately my house was turned upside down by a whirlwind of dog fur and whipping tails.  Daisy brought out half of her dog toys to share with Prinny, she even balanced her stuffed puppy toy on my dad's foot to get him to join in the ruckus.  We had to get up early the next morning to get to the auction before it started so that we could check out everything that was for sale so we all went to sleep, except for Prinny, who wandered around upstairs all night, sticking her wet nose in my sister's face.  All I could hear from downstairs was her toenails clacking on the wood floors above my head all night.  I woke the next morning from Prinny barging into my room and stealing one of my shoes from under my bed.

After we fed the dogs and the sheep, we headed out for the auction.  After following a few signs that led us down and back around a neighborhood, we finally found the farm and all the cars parked along the road.  My dad dropped us off so we could get numbers and he could find a parking spot.  My mom and I got our numbers, 163 and 164, and then us girls walked around to look at everything.  The auction company took everything out of the house and had put it all on hay racks and on the lawn around the house.  There was so much stuff that they had to have two auctioneers going at once to get everything sold that day.  The auctioneers drove their trucks up in front of a hay rack loaded with stuff and began to call out for bids.  I loved hearing the way they spoke and got caught up in the rush of bidding.  In the very first round my sister and I were watching a rack with a lot of books on it.  I only wanted one book but they kept adding stuff onto the box of books that I bid on because no one was bidding on it.  So I ended up winning 2 boxes of books, 3 puzzles and a board game for 50 cents!  Then I was like, "what do I do with all this stuff?"  I had never been to an auction before where I could bid so I didn't know if I was supposed to take my boxes or not.  It seemed like other people were taking their stuff so my sister and I grabbed all the stuff and found my dad.  He gave us the keys to the car, which was parked in a field, so that we could deposit our stuff there. 

So here's how the auction worked: the auctioneer was up inside a trailer that was attached to a pick-up truck bed.  Then he had some helpers on the ground to hold up the item that was being auctioned so that everyone that had gathered around could see what was for sale.  After someone won the item, that person told the auctioneer their number or held up their card with their number.  Then, another person in the auctioneer's trailer wrote down the number, the item, and the sale price.  Then, these sheets were taken to the ladies who gave out the numbers.  They tore off each sale on the perforations on the paper and then put them into little cubbies marked with numbers that corresponded to the person who bought it.  When you got a number, they took down your driver's license number and phone number.  This way, you couldn't just walk away without paying for what you won because they had all your information to contact you for the money.  It all ran really smoothly.

We all had a good time.  It was so much fun to bid against people and also to people watch.  There were some weird people there.  And an amish guy eating nachos.  We spent the whole day there, getting snacks from the car and the corn dog stand.  We all won something: I got a beautiful pottery planter, a vintage fruit crate, an old orange juicer, and lots of books that I gave to the library.  It was kind of funny when I got the fruit crate because there was all this random stuff in it but I just wanted the crate.  I took most of it out and left it on the rack for anyone else who wanted to just take it.  My mom got some depression glass ice cream dishes, a couple antique frames, and an ornate old-fashioned door handle.  My sister got an old book and a retro desk chair for her room.  My dad got a cast iron apple peeler for our annual apple cider making party.  We all had fun, and surprisingly, the two dogs hadn't destroyed the house while we were gone the whole day.

In the evening, my sister and I fed and watered the sheep and the chickens and ducks and my dad and I worked on my garden.  He went over it with a push rototiller while my sister untangled the twine for laying out the rows and I picked out which seeds to plant.  My sister and I planted three rows of lettuce, carrots, beets, and broccoli.  Then we watched a movie and ate pizza.

They left Sunday morning, with their auction finds and the big fluffy, rambunctious dog.  I am so glad they came.  It was a great weekend and I was so happy to have the company while Joey was gone again for turkey hunting.  I was sad to see them go, but I think Daisy was ready to get back to the peace and quiet of being an only-dog again.

The auctioneer in his booth and my dad's back (in the blue jacket!)

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