Monday, May 9, 2011

The Living is Easy

Spring has sprung!  Or should I say summer?  The sign on the bank says it's 87 degrees out here!  I am so happy for the beautiful weather.  Now I can store away the winter clothes I'm sick of wearing and walk barefoot in the grass again!  Yesterday was beautiful and breezy.  Joey came home (finally) from turkey hunting all weekend and mowed the lawn.  We lit some charcoal in the grill and cooked up two hamburgers and one veggie burger and had ourselves a little backyard picnic.  I have been eyeing all the patio furniture at the stores lately, and I can't get over how expensive it is!  Luckily I had a plastic folding table that I used at the farmer's market last summer and a nice tablecloth to dandy it up.  We had to bring the chairs out from the kitchen, but it worked, and it was good eatin'!

After dinner, we switched the sheep into opposite pastures, so the girls are where the ram was and he's living on their side now.  Now the girls and babies have more grass to munch on and are as happy as clams.  (How do we know clams are happy?)  Joey sat down in the field and the lambs grazed around him.  He was pretty content too.

After dinner, my dad texted me a picture of a wooden outdoor dining set that he picked off someone's curb for me.  He said all he has to do is tighten the screws and refinish it.  I'm so excited!  It's always worthwhile to go dumpster-diving on garbage night, you never know what you will find.  Our antique dresser with attached mirror came from the curb.  My dad sanded it and put a new coat of varnish on it and it looks beautiful!  This is finals week at the Western Illinois University and graduation is this week, so I might drive around campus and see what kind of stuff the college students leave behind on the curb.  I know I left some pretty nice stuff that my parents didn't want to haul back to the suburbs when I graduated from college!  Besides, even if all I find are old futon frames, I know that they always come in handy as hay-feeders in the sheep barn!  We have gotten pretty clever around here with our recycled and repurposed farm equipment.  I'll have to do a post on everything we've recycled here, from old barn siding, to a metal shopping cart.  Until then, I'm so glad every thing's coming up green around here!


  1. Isn't outdoor furniture insane??? Brian and I have been looking, but just can't justify $30 to $40 for ONE chair!

    Well, if your dad spots any other curb finds, tell him to let us know! Ya know, couches, washers, we pretty much take whatever, lol!

  2. I'll tell him to keep an eye out for you. My dad and sister found this set while riding their bikes through Cress Creek and then went back with the truck. He said the people even helped load it in the truck. All the sets that I have looked at start at $400-500! Ouch. That's like a two-week pay check!